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Vahry was established by Julia Vahry to fill a gap in the market ' after working in the front-lines of the New Zealand Police, Julia grew her passion for people and the community, and through this work she became aware that there was a lack of empathy, focus and support for many individuals and groups ' there was a clear lack of interest in helping these individuals and groups improve their futures.


Vahry is the only truly values based financial services company in the Waikato and is focused on shaping better futures through the provision of progressive and innovative insurance products and full wrap around services.

Julia is absolutely committed to client partners and works tirelessly to understand their needs, focus on growing their futures, and manage the underling risks and does so in an authentic and transparent way. 

Vahry will be there for you with a focus on you and your people. Vahry will tailor an insurance solution for you and will provide personal support throughout the process.

Life Insurance

You have made some big decisions and taken on some risk to get ahead (go you), maybe even some debt. You want to make sure that don’t leave behind a burden for others when you do wander off this mortal coil. This is your opportunity to set up and provide for the future.

A lump sum amount of money left for your legacy. Maybe even provide some of the wins from your risk-taking now directly to others in the future – keeps it clean and tidy.

Clear that debt and create wealth in all aspects.

Health Insurance

You are working hard and being the best version of yourself. This means you can’t afford to spend time in the public health system – fast track your medical treatment; less wait time to have tests such as x-rays, MRI, CT scans and see a specialist Doctor of your choice. 

Rely on that one person you know and trust (that’s me) to manage and support your illness and claim. 

Weirdly medical insurance is insurance within insurance as it gives you the greatest opportunity of survival from an illness or longevity with life with medication not available to the New Zealand Public such as non-pharmac drugs.

Income Protection

Ok so, if you lose your phone on that one off night you decided to have shots like you were 18 again and had to pay a soil-age fee in the taxi home, that is annoying and embarrassing, but it is just a phone, you can just buy another one because you have a job and are earning money or you had insurance for it so you just wham in a claim for it.

But what if you can’t earn any money because you got sick?

This is your opportunity to have consistent pay and secure your lifestyle and financial commitments. 

Mortgage Protection

You have worked hard saving every penny to get on to the property ladder, so don’t blow out now. Ensure your mortgage payments are met if you are off sick due to a minor or major illness. 

You can cover 110% of your mortgage cover. 

If off work due to an accident, you can receive 110% of your mortgage costs and full ACC payments. 

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