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Experts when it comes to rentals. Founded in the Ruapehu, YLPM Ltd T/A Your local Property Managers is a specialized property management firm that focus solely on rentals. Our time is dedicated 100% to managing your investment.


Our non-franchise model, combined with local knowledge, allows us to provide the best-in-class advice as we help landlords and tenants make their property decisions.

All property managers with YLPM has an vested interest, to make sure your 100% satisfied. Not being a franchise, allows us to do this structure and keeps fees lower.


With every new tenancy we conduct a thorough entry Inspection, a 1 month Inspection after the tenant has settled and then we go to 3 monthly routine Inspections (unless we believe more frequent may be required). This is all included in our fee, we find that the 1 month Inspection indicated any potential problems before they turn into a problem.


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